Friday, Almost there. . .

Almost to the weekend. Almost to the Campout. Almost done with my To Do list. Almost. 

Breakfast was yummy banana walnut oatmeal. Big bowl of brown. :)  Happy School Valentine’s Day!! The kids are getting a special sweet treat today: heart shaped ravioli tossed with olive oil, grilled chicken, basil and tomatoes. Tossed is to rough a word. These ravioli explode if you look at them hard, so after draining them, I gently laid each in the lunch box, trying not to burn my fingers, and then topped the ravioli with the chicken and tomato mixture, knowing that the kids will pick through it to get the ravioli and thereby mixing it together. I fished a couple of ravioli out to place on top when I realized you couldn’t see any of the hearts for all the chicken and tomatoes. :) Side dishes of sautéed apple and cabbage, and mini muffins. 

Thursday, still running

Argh!! Is somebody ADDING things to my To Do list?!?  
Breakfast was banana bread baked oatmeal pulled from the freezer. Tasty little brown pucks. Not photogenic. 

The kids got a requested lunch today: broccoli and cheese quesadillas. I added some grilled chicken, some sweet potato, and a lovely mango that had been ripening on the counter. Looks good, huh?

I had Sweet Tomatoes with my mom. I think my lunch was prolly tastier. 

I had big plans for dinner. I knew that my daughter and I had to rush off after eating to go to her high school course selection night, a half hour drive away. So I thought, hey, I’ll make something in the crockpot! That way I don’t have to start cooking at 4, we can eat when she gets home around 5, and we can leave in a leisurely manner at 5:45. 

Mmmmm, I got black eyed peas in the box. And collards. And I have a ham bone in the freezer. Win!! I added some celery, onion, and green pepper and a can of diced tomatoes that had been in the pantry for a while, and I bought a package of andouille sausage. Doesn’t that sound delicious?!?

Yeah, cooked it on low all day long. Checked it at 4:45, and the peas were still hard. Moved it to a pot on the stove and start boiling to try to get the peas to cook. 30 minutes later, I was giving instructions on finishing the soup to my husband and my daughter and I were heading for drive thru. :( it smelled soooooooo good. 

Out of the box:

  • Broccoli
  • Sweet potato
  • Black eyed peas (all gone!)
  • Collards (all gone!)
  • Arugula (all gone!)


My list is still too long, but things are getting knocked off it. Starting the day with some of that yummy bread from last night, toasted and topped with eggs. I need to start making a big batch of cut fruit on the weekend to add to my breakfasts, which tend to be on the starchy side. Tasty, but adding fresh fruit would be a good thing.  

 Originally, there wasn’t supposed to be cabbage on the menu for today’s lunch. But those teeny little turkey meatballs looked so lonely in that big ole box, that I said, “Sauté up some cabbage to put underneath. It’ll be quick, taste good, and add some green to the menu.” So today’s lunch was sweet potato rice, turkey meatballs, sautéed cabbage, and an orange. Yum. 

No pic from dinner. The spinach Alfredo pizza is so yummy, it goes fast. Alfredo sauce is a hard thing to reduce the calories on. It’s basically comprised of fat globules held together with more fat. It is such a wonderful thing. Except when you are trying to be good. So, subbing fat free half and half worked, but it took a lot of parmesan to thicken it up and a lot of whisking to melt the Parmesan. Top that yummy, spinach and garlic filled sauce with shrimp and fresh tomatoes and that’s a favorite pizza around here!

Out of the box:

  • Cabbage
  • Sweet potato
  • Orange
  • Spinach

Tuesday, the 15000 step day

  Trying to get that To Do list knocked out. Did a three mile walk in the morning ran a bunch of errands and ate lunch with my mom. 

The kids ate out of the box, however. Buddha bowl and modified Buddha bowl for the boy. It’s not very “Buddha” with that grilled chicken as protein, but the chickpeas were too spicy for him every times I’ve made them. And he didn’t like the sauce, so he got the last of the honey mustard dressing. And he doesn’t like avocado, so no avocado for him (more for me and the girl!)

 Work was longer than normal today, because we had to drop off cookies for our Girl Scouts at work. Ugh, another hour of processing cookie orders. Luckily, dinner came together quickly so I had time to eat before rushing off to another meeting. More of the cauliflower and fennel soup, this time with some super hearty bread my husband picked up from Costco. 

Out of the box:

  • Cabbage
  • Sweet potato
  • Cauliflower (still have half a head left)
  • Fennel (all gone!)

Monday, too much to do

How did my To Do list get so darn long?!?

Oh, yeah. I’m taking a troop camping for the first time this weekend. Gotta pack up a whole new set of equipment, gotta get the craft box sorted, gotta pack myself, grocery shopping. . . The list goes on and on. 

Including bake some more breakfasty stuff. I think we reached the end of the muffins and quick bread slices this morning.  

 For lunch, I packed up some pasta with red sauce (from the freezer), some broccoli (from the box), and little cinnamon rolls (because Eno is a goddess, my baker friend at the Farmer’s Market). For my lunch, Buddha Bowl, prepping stuff for the kids to have it tomorrow (roasting the sweet potatoes, pulling brown rice from the freezer to defrost, cooking the chickpeas, and making up the sauce). Hopefully the chickpeas aren’t too spicy for the boy, I’m not planning on giving him any of the sauce to try to reduce the heat. Maybe I will give him some honey mustard dressing instead. 

Dinner tonight is out at a barbecue restaurant I have a meeting at. 

Out of the box:

  • Broccoli
  • Cabbage (last week’s is now all gone!)
  • Sweet potatoes

Sunday, Busy, busy

The boys are gonna be off doing Cub Scout stuff all day. DD is going to be delivering Girl Scout cookies all day.  I’m going to be running errands and prepping and running a Girl Scout meeting. Busy, busy, busy.  

 Gotta start with a good breakfast: zucchini bread pulled from the freezer and toasted, and then topped with cream cheese. Yum. I’m starting to run out of zucchini bread slices, but luckily I have bags of shredded zucchini in my freezer for my next big baking day. Which needs to be soon, because I’m also running out of muffins.  

   Did I mention how in love I am with this Buffalo Cauliflower recipe? It’s simple, makes a wonderful low cal delivery device for hot sauce and ranch dip. And since I’m careful with my hot sauce (5 calories for 2 tablespoons) and I made my own ranch dip with nonfat Greek yogurt, this whole plate of spicy goodness was probably around 300 calories. 

Maybe that will make up for the Indian buffet we visited for lunch. . .

Out of the box:

  • Cauliflower. Maybe half of the head. Maybe. 

2/6/16 Box

I got to the Farmer’s Market late this morning. I usually try to get there as close to open as possible. However, when I got there and gave my usual guy the box, he asked me if there was anything I wanted in particular. 


Apparently, he spent some time pre-filling boxes to make it faster, and he wanted to know what we particularly liked and he would top it off with that. “Ummmm, cauliflower, carrots, broccoli, cabbage, sweet potatoes?”

The box was heavier than I can remember it ever being.  

In the box this week, with comparable cost from HEB:

  • Another giant head of cauliflower $7.96
  • 2.6 lbs Bok choy $2.52 (n)
  • 2 heads of cabbage(3.5lbs) $5.18
  • 2 bunches of carrots $3.96
  • Arugula n/a
  • Collard greens $2.98
  • Beets $3.98
  • Fennel $1.99
  • A bag of black eyed peas n/a
  • 5 oranges (1.6lbs) $2.03
  • Sweet potatoes (6.6lbs) $13.16
  • 3 big heads of broccoli $7.54
  • A sweet little Kabocha squash I got from the Asian farm stall (I love Kabocha and it will keep if we don’t get to it this week) (1.6lb) $2 (n, price for all winter squash, HEB didn’t have Kabocha)

So, the grand total would have been $51.30, plus the cost of the arugula and black eyed peas more than twice what I paid. The Kabocha did cost me $2.50, but I’m not really comparing apples to organic apples on that one. I normally don’t buy organic vegetables, so maybe next week I will check organic and conventional prices.

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