Thursday, packing for camp. Again. 

DD started us off with a tasty breakfast this morning: French toast with syrup and strawberries.   
Simple lunch for the kids, but one they like. Peanut butter and banana rolls, fresh pineapple, and sliced cucumber. It’s a juggling act with both my daughter and I cooking at the same time. I have to plan for which of us gets to use the good skillet (her this morning), which of us gets to use the oven, and then remind her constantly to clean up after herself and put things away when she is done with them.  I also made pickles with the leftover cucumber slices (see the jar in the background?). Can’t wait to crack into those! Maybe for lunch tomorrow, with some of the carrot pickles I have. Mmmmmm, yeah, that will be good. 
Out of the box:

  • Cucumber (all gone!)
  • Dill

Wednesday, still trying to get back into the swing of things

In case you hadn’t noticed, this week I have not been as on top of things as I would like. Glamping and holiday last weekend, Troop Campout this coming weekend, other Troop meeting this coming weekend, and craziness at work has my brain spinning in circles.  

Breakfast was pina colada smoothies, which needed more colada. 😉 Big cup of ivory goop is not photogenic. 
 Eating lunch while practicing Russian. Asparagus and ham twice baked potatoes, steamed broccoli, strawberries, and one of those yummy yummy red velvet brownies from yesterday. The piece fit in that container so well my coworkers thought I had baked it in there or something. 

Tuesday, baking day

Breakfast was another spring favorite: strawberry and cream cheese sandwiches. Easy, fast, and takes advantage of the season. Lunch took advantage of leftovers: rice from last week, carrots and celery from the box, peas and meatballs from the freezer, and more sliced strawberries.  No photos of breakfast and lunch, but I do have photos of the rest of my morning’s work:
   Red Velvet brownies made with beet purée. So delicious. Super fudgey. Have to hide them.   

  And cornbread for tonight’s dinner: Red bean chili from WAO. The chili turned out so good, I had to modify my recipe to reflect what I used because that is how I want to make it every time from now on! 😉

So one problem I have with the WAO cookbook is that many of the recipes seem very similar. Two cups of beans with a can of diced tomatoes, bell pepper, onion, and garlic. With one spice, it’s “chili”; with a different one, “stew”. I like bigger differences in my recipes. I need to go through my recipe database and clean out recipes I don’t use, have never used, will never use. And tweak the ones I keep, like making the “chili” really chili, and the “stew” really stew. At least by my definitions. 😉

Monday, after the holiday

After a long weekend of glamping, and then Easter, I did not have the time or energy to grocery shop until Monday. So lunch was cleaning out the fridge: glazed carrots, sautéed chicken sausage, and Polish pasta (with sautéed cabbage and onions in a yogurt sauce).  

Dinner was asparagus quiche with little baked potatoes, no photo, though. But it’s an old favorite that screams Spring – and is best made when asparagus is less than a dollar a bunch. 🙂

Out of the box:

  • Cabbage

Sunday, Happy Easter!

   Easter is another one of those “food holidays” for our family, with traditions that go back at least a decade, if not multiple decades. Once my mother learned how to poach eggs, Eggs Benedict became a regular “special” breakfast at my parents’ house. Everyone loves it (especially my husband), so it’s a no-brainer. Sometimes Christmas morning, sometimes birthday mornings, sometimes when family visits, but ALWAYS on Easter. With a side of whatever fruit looked good to my mom at the store that week. This Easter, we had apples, bananas, oranges, and tangelos. 

My mother also sets a gracious table for Easter, bringing out one of the sets of artistic eggs we’ve decorated over the years and her beautiful orchids. Some years it’s the Ukrainan Psyanky Eggs we did when I was my son’s age, this year it was the pastel marbled eggs. And though you can’t see them, there is also a collection of ceramic bunnies and eggs I made when I was a child. 

The egg salt and pepper shakers crack me up. 😉

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