Time Sensitive Veggies

Bacon Wrapped Chicken
So yesterday I started looking over the recipes I had planned on for dinner, and decided I wasn’t in the mood to pound, roll, and wrap chicken. Especially not a dozen. And besides I have 4 avocados in the fridge waiting to be turned into guacamole to go with the taquitos I had planned for tonight. . . . But the asparagus was for the orzo to go with the chicken. Oooh, deciding between two time sensitive veggies. Asparagus (to me) only tastes good, in season, really really fresh, and just barely cooked (steamed or boiled just past blanched). Otherwise, I just prefer not to eat it. And avocados, well, they are a ticking time bomb well on their way to brown ick from the time you buy them. The fridge can only do so much to halt the progression.

Guacamole won. It always does.

So, then I took a look at the recipe for the taquitos, specifically at the part where it says “chill overnight”. I hate pounding chickens. One day I need to get a good mallet type utensil. I have dented more cans than I can count. I used my big rolling pin this time (after denting a can of stew), and that worked pretty well flattening the chicken. The recipe was pretty good overall. RM said it needed something, but he doesn’t really like cream cheese. I thought it was great (but I could eat a tub of cream cheese in about 20 minutes straight up). The orzo was really good, too. I used a creamy caesar that I had in the fridge, which I don’t like the taste of (too sweet), but spread out with the orzo, asparagus, and parmesan (I splurged and bought a package of the good kind) it was fine. Added a big green salad, and I didn’t feel really bad that I was feeding my family cream cheese wrapped in chicken wrapped in bacon:). Actually the more I thought about it, I didn’t feel that bad. It was one serving of chicken, one serving of cream cheese, and one slice of bacon, oh, and 1/6 tablespoon of butter. Nowhere near the realms of fast food. 😛


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