Bentos 6 and 7

Here’s my RM’s bento from Friday:

03.30 Bento 1 03.31 Bento 2 03.31 Bento 3

The end of a very veggie week. I bought waay too many fruits and veggies for last week. We STILL have cherry tomatoes. So, this bento had a bunch of apple slices, baby carrots, grapes and cucumbers in the bottom. The top has tomato cheese sandwiches, hummus cucumber bowls, wasabi peas, cheese, and peach gummies.

New Bento Box

I got a new bento box! And to all the people who have said, “But it’s broken, and it has that awful cutesy drawing on the front, surely your roommate won’t want to carry it around for lunch!” I say, “I got it for a dollar.” Regardless of whether I could get the fuzzy bunnies of the top or not (I could, as you can see), it was ONE DOLLAR. No shipping, no handling, straight from the dollar store to my hot little hand! ^.^ Shown with a box of pocky for size. It holds enough food for DD and I, so since RM had to be out the door before I was awake this morning, DD and I got a bento instead of him.

04.02 Bento 04.02 Bento, top 04.02 Bento, Bottom

DD had the top (orangey yellow) section: grapes and strawberries, leftover white rice with cheddar cheese, rock candy, and leftover cranberry chicken.  I had the bottom (white) section: Leftover nirvana! Leftover fruit salad, cranberry chicken, and brown rice pilaf.  I also got some cheese and peach gummies and some of DD’s cheese flowers.


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