Bento 9 and 10

04.04 Bento
Creative leftovers and veggies. I got small tortillas, grated a layer of cheese on them, and then spread a layer of Black Bean Salsa Chicken from last night. Then I rolled them up, reheated to thaw the chicken and melt the cheese, and kinda “set” the roll, then I sliced the rolls. I made up one bento for RM and one for DD and I. I’m not sure it was any quicker to make it all at once, since I didn’t have a bunch of pre-cutting done this morning. DD’s has a big empty space to hold ranch dressing later today to dip the veggies in, which is what is in RM little green cup.
04.04 RM’s Veggie Section 04.04 My Bento
I noticed a difference recently: when I eat lunch from a bento box, I get hungry later in the day. This is a good thing, as it means that I am losing weight, which I can stand to lose. So I am not going to be overly concerned if my bento mania seems weird to those in my house or family. It is helping me reach certain goals of mine. Like not sitting at the computer eating and eating and eating. ^.^


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