04.06 Dinner

04.06 Dinner
When I was cutting the steak really thin Friday morning for RM’s bento, I had an interesting idea. I bet that I could make something resembling nigirizushi that wouldn’t make me squirm (I’m not really big on cooked fish, much less raw fish). And after our outing to Chinatown, I was still in the mood for Japanese. I was even wiling to try nori again. DH rolled up some California and maki rolls, and I made some cherry onigiri (as well as rice balls seasoned with furikake).
Maki rolls Cherry Onigiri Beef Nigiri
The Beef Nigiri is a rice ball (using my new mini rice mold! Yay asian grocery store!) with a smidge of Western style horseradish, and a thin slice of beef on top. I thought it would be a kind of funny take on nigiri, with the usual wasabi replaced. And, speaking of wasabi, DH and RM love the stuff, and DH put wasabi peanuts (much more potent than the peas, apparently) on top of the rolls to decorate them. He tries. *grins* I love the goof.

I tried, but I do not like nori. Really, I ate a whole roll and did not like it. I also did not like the furikake. DD liked both. Her reason for not eating more sushi was the fake crab.


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