Japanese Lunch

I went on another bento search Friday. I looked high and I looked low. Okay, so I just hit one shopping center in the center of Houston’s Chinatown (the one on Bellarie, not the one downtown), but I did some internet research first, and figured this was a good one to hit. There was even a Japanese restaurant (Hokkaido) that I was sure DH would enjoy eating at, and I would give it a try. It had been recommended by a couple of reviewers online. So the family packed up and went out.

We had lunch first. And it was wonderful. We ordered way too much food, because I wanted to try some of everything. I got the daily special, a bento box style lunch with rice, pickled cucumber slices, sushi, green salad, tempura shrimp, tofu, some kind of cooked fish (I think salmon) with asparagus tips and mashed potatoes. I also got some chicken katsu don to share with DD, and DH got a small order of sashimi and sushi, and he ate what I didn’t want or couldn’t finish. Miso soup comes with every meal.

Now I was determined to try stuff I had never had before, or give stuff a second try. DH had taken me to his favorite sushi restaurant a while ago, and I was not so willing to try stuff, but I did try their miso. It was awful. I mean really really awful. I thought I didn’t like miso soup. I tried it again at Hokkaido, and it turns out that I had just had some of the worst miso soup in Houston is all. Hokkaido’s miso was so yummy, I could make a lunch of just miso and a salad. The bento was wonderful, but the katsu don was fantastic. I have never had it before, but I want to go back for more! ^.^


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