04.09 Bento

04.09 Bentos
Leftovers and veggies, oh, my! My section of the bento may look a little spare, but that was because in the morning I couldn’t decide whether I was going to have a salad or some ramen noodles, either of which would be best made right before eating.
04.09 RM Bento
Okay, starting with my roommate’s bento, we have some cucumber tomato bowls, and a silicone baking cup of minted fruit salad. In the other side of his bento, he has cubes of baked sweet potatoes topped with a carrot/cucumber flower, a falafel patty, leftover breakfast sausage and tamagoyaki, and a peach gummi (almost out of these! Need to get more).
04.09 DD Bento
DD oinked out on ham at Easter lunch, so she had a vegetarian style lunch with a big monterey jack bunny hiding a falafel patty , cut up carrots and carrot/cucumber flowers. In the other side is more of the baked sweet potato cubes and minted fruit salad.

And what you see of mine shows more of the same: a cucumber tomato salad bowl, minted fruit salad in a cup, and baked sweet potato. I ended up having ramen, which DD wanted until I told her the only kinds we had were shrimp and chile lime chicken. Not her flavors.


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