04.10 Bentos

04.10 Bento 1
So yesterday I got to play with two new bento boxes I found at Target. I found a nice greenish one by Homz that has one section for sandwiches and the other side has dividers. This one is really big for a bento style lunch, at least for me. Since my RM didn’t eat his lunch the day before, I didn’t pack one for him. But DH was working from home yesterday, so I packed a bento for him. It’s a conservation of bento making energy! ^.^ I used the new Lock n Lock. I liked this one, because it came with four removable cups. even though it’s not very “cute”, it still feels more like a “real” bento to me.
04.10 DH Bento 04.10 DH Bento 2 04.10 DH Bento 3
In DH’s bento:
A ham sandwich on potato bread and the cheese leftover from cutting out shapes for DD and my boxes on one side. Tomato cucumber salad on a bed of lettuce (to make a tossed green salad, since he doesn’t like raw onions as much as me, I didn’t just give him the tomato cucumber salad), carrot bites, fruit salad, and ranch dressing to dip the carrots in.
04.10 My Bento 1 04.10 My Bento 2 04.10 My Bento 3
In my bento:
Fruit Salad, cucumber bowls with tomato cucumber salad, ham rollups on flax flatbread (yay Target temptation!!), cheesy elephant with flowers, konpeito and cheese wedge. This is the last day for the fruit salad. It’s also the best day, in my opinion and RM’s, but the bananas were going south rapidly.
04.10 DD Bento
In DD’s bento:
Grapes, carrots in ranch dressing, applesauce, and some of the ham rollups. She also got a cheesy elephant and some cute Ritz dinosaurs. And of course konpeito. Cuteness!


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