04.11 Bentos

This morning I was up and ready to cook. Got the coffee started and then made the Easy Apple Pie Wontons. And they were easy. I’ve never worked with wonton skins before, but I don’t think I like the sound of a future fridge without them now. The pies went together easily, but I think with my next batch I will cut my apple into 16 slices, and make 16 wontons, instead of 12. The slices were a little big. Consequently I had some blowouts, but they were no problem. Since I was baking them, it just made the pies look a little crusty – they tasted delicious!! I baked 3 for breakfast (DH is out the door before I get the coffeemachine started, so he gets no breakfast and no bento), 3 for lunch, and froze the other 8 (I ended up cutting some slices in half and got two more out of the apple). When I put the frozen ones in the bag, they looked so lonely . . . I will have to make them some friends to fill up that bag!

Then for breakfast, I made tamagoyaki (while the pies were baking). Cut a couple of slices for RM’s bento, and sliced the rest for DD and me. RM informed me that the pie was really yummy and that he was running late, so he wouldn’t have time to wait for the brown rice I decided to start at the last mintue, instead of starting before I started the pies. Hence:
04.11 RM Bento
He got a lot of the tomato cucumber salad, and not in a cute little cucumber bowl, either – no time. Instead he got some slices of cucumber, and a baking cup of cranberries. On the other side is his tamagoyaki, lunch apple pie, and a ham roll up.
04.11 My Bento
DD and I, on the other hand, were able to wait for the rice to cook, so in my bento is somebrown rice mixed with raisins, a baking cup filled with tomato cucumber salad (and that is the end of that salad . . . for now!), some ham rollups (I added cucumber to this one), and my lunch apple pie.
04.11 DD Bento
DD got a very similar one to mine: Brown rice with raisins, apple pie, ham and cucumber rollups, and carrots with ranch dressing. I think she licked the bottom of the bento . . .


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