In NYC or LA, I could understand . . .

Really Expensive Vinegar
having the really expensive balsamic vinegar in the grocery store. But here??? In the burbs of Houston??? Don’t get me wrong, I love balsamic vinegar – especially with some pan roasted tomatoes, YUM!, but this is nuts to me. I’m not going that much for a full bottle of wine, why would I pay that much for half a bottle of soured wine?

Oh, and wouldn’t you hate to be the stocker who accidentally drops one???? “I have to pay for it?! But that’s, like, my paycheck for this week!”

And just to let you know, there will be no bentos for today. DD and I are having leftover soup from last night (I decided on that instead of the shells, which are going to be for tonight now), and RM forgot to take his lunch to the worksite yesterday, so has it for today. Tomorrow we will be back to our regularly scheduled bento making (I reserved some meatballs, for Meatballs . . . On A Stick, and if you catch the reference, good for you. Peanut is the best puppet ever, IMHO)

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