04.16 Bento

04.16 RM Bento
Thank goodness for leftovers. Monday mornings are hard enough without looking in the fridge and being struck by the fact that you never got anymore coffee creamer, and now have to make your roommate a bento. On no caffeine. Thank goodness for leftovers! Leftover Orzo Salad with a kalamata in the bottom half. Two reheated meatball onigiri from my freezer stash (Thank you, Biggie!!), cucumber slices, cucumber bowl with ranch dressing, and strawberries.
04.16 My Bento
Several hours later, after I woken up, I reheated some leftover saffron rice, cooked a chicken apple sausage, and sliced some cucumber for myself. Strawberries and cheese were added, too. DD just had a bowl of leftover meatball soup (which had soaked up all the liquid while in the fridge, so it was just pasta).


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