04.16 Dinner

So, it was one of my regular “Eat it or it’s getting thrown out” fridge clean out nights. Last night we had lots of grainy side dish type stuff left: Orzo salad, meatball soup, and the rice and grape from the pilaf (the leftover chicken went to making Buffalo chicken pizzas Saturday night, sorry they were eaten too quick for photos). I cooked up the other 3 chicken apple sausages in the package, and sliced them up so they would stretch to 4 people. It worked, mostly. I hate throwing away food, but I hate eating leftovers. This is one of the reasons, I hope my RM never moves out. He loves eating the same thing day after day after day. Well, he just loves eating whatever I give him. 🙂 So I try to make meals that can be transformed, or frozen, or are actually scaled for our family (3.5 to 6 depending on the recipe *grins*). But sometimes, it just catches up with me. Especially when I don’t make a menu for the week, and I don’t plan it well, and we eat out most of the weekend, instead of eating leftovers (which is our SOP). When my fridge is so full of casserole dishes and baggies of leftovers that I couldn’t put another one in, it’s time for a cleanout night. That and I really hate throwing away food, so I try to keep track of when things came in and when they should go out. I would rather have a boring dinner than waste food. Nobody was hungry enough to eat seconds, though, so I did end up throwing some out.

This weeks plan (starting to rotate in some frozen meals):

  • Monday: Clean Out Night
  • Tuesday: Sweet Salsa Dump Chicken and Rice (from the freezer), some kind of veggie (probably a green salad)
  • Wednesday: Spring Rolls with peanut sauce, rice or noodles
  • Thursday: Enchiladas (using frozen taquitos), spanish rice
  • Friday: Cranberry Chicken (leg quarters were 54 cents a pound at my grocery store and they work GREAT for this recipe!); mini corn on the cob; rice, noodles, or some other kind of grain

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