Rainbow Tamagoyaki

Rainbow Tamagoyaki04.16 Breakfast
This is such a slick trick I wanted to share it with a pic. I got the idea from My Lunch Can Beat Up Your Lunch. When you are making tamagoyaki, have some food coloring on hand. I used red, simply because I wasn’t sure about how appetizing blue or green omelets would look (and would the blue just make it green? Now I need to make a blue one to see . . .). After you pour each layer of egg, add a drop or two of food coloring. The color will get more pronounced as you go, and when you cut slices, you will see a gradation from the center out. An egg version of a skinner blend bullseye cane, I love it!


2 thoughts on “Rainbow Tamagoyaki”

  1. This is the perpetrator of “My Lunch Can Beat Up Your Lunch.” I found this blog in my referrer stats, and I’m pleased that you like the food coloring trick. Looks neat and neon-ish!

    I haven’t tried to make a blue rolled omelet yet. However, I’ve promised to make some blue food if I get a certain number of votes in the Blogger’s Choice Awards, so that may be on my list soon.

  2. Thanks fr the kind words, I’m glad you like it. Hmmmm, methinks I need to go vote on something so *I* don’t have to experiment with blue food! 🙂

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