04.18 Bento

04.18 RM’s Bento
Single layer this time. I packed this full of stuff, and this container is really big anyway, so I am just doing a single layer. Grrrr, sorry bout the lousy pic. Guess this one isn’t making it to Flickr. Leftover Avocado Salad from last night (mostly tomato now as the avocado got surreptitiously picked out by a certain cook! *grins*), leftover Sweet Salsa Chicken with cojack cheese on a garlic and herb tortilla, fried brown rice that was almost onigiri yaki (except that I made the onigiri too thick and the brown rice didn’t want to stick to itself as much as white does, good to know, bad for onigiri), carrots and cucumbers with a cucumber bowl of ranch dressing (RM thinks this is the coolest thing, so he gets more of them), and the last peach gummi (I need to go back to the Asian market soon!).

I think for DD and my lunch today, I am going to try to make some white rice onigiri yaki.


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