The Return of the Sweet Salsa Chicken

04.17 Dinner
And the menfolk rejoice!
I dumped a frozen bag of Scout’s Sweet Salsa Chicken over a cup of rice into a crockpot in the morning, and voila – dinner is made. The guys (DH and RM) both adore this recipe, which is why after a trial run, I made up four bags for the freezer. In the evening when I was ready to serve, I took out the two leg quarters (only 2!, I didn’t realize that when it was a frozen block, oh crud, is it going to be enough), deboned and shredded the meat, and then mixed it back in with the rice and sauce. Some chunks got a little over “carmelized”, but RM said they were the best part, if slightly chewy. I didn’t like them, neither did DD. However, DH went back for seconds, and RM did too, and then said he would happily finish off the rest if it weren’t for the fact that his stomach was about to explode. He will be happy when he eats his lunch today. . . . Oh, and there was plenty of leftovers, so those must have been some hefty leg quarters! Either that or the sheer quantity of rice helped hide the small amount of meat.
Avocado Salad
Somehow I didn’t feel right, just dumping a bag in the crockpot and calling it done, and I am saving the lettuce for spring rolls tonight. So I needed a veggie. I cruised around the Zaar looking for a new tomato recipe that uses the tomatoes raw (RM is not fond of them cooked), because I had 4 lovely ones on the counter. I found this Avocado Salad. At first I was hesitant to try it, because it would take 2 out of my 3 avocados, and those things are expensive! But I looked at what else I had planned for this week and decided that I could use them. I was very glad I did. This is a very good recipe, and the marjoram is not something I would have thought to pair with tomatoes and avocados. Yum.


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