04.18 Bento, take two

For DD and I, I spent a lot more time prepping our bentos yesterday, but I made some good stuff, and some great leftovers for dinner (and lunch today!). I made cutesy sandwiches (and DD and I snacked on the leftovers while I cooked up the rest of lunch), and I made really REALLY good yaki onigiri (ooooh, thank you biggie!), and then some carrot ribbons (a preview for dinner), and finally I heated up some shrimp for a salad for me. All of this took about an hour, all told, but I am really glad I finally figured out how to use my ice cream molds for onigiri, and for sandwich cutting (see, it’s a multitasker!). I wonder if it makes a decent ice cream sandwich? *grins* I need to make more yaki onigiri, and freeze them. Yummilicious.
04.18 My Bento
Sundried tomato shrimp salad, yaki onigiri, ham and french onion laughing cow cheese on potato bread (OMG! this was heavenly – and I’m out of ham! No repeats today), and carrot ribbons tossed in Italian dressing.
04.18 DD’s Bento
Less interesting for DD, but more to her tastes (she would happily eat Mac and Cheese 3 meals a day, 7 days a week, I am really loving her sweetly trying new things lately). Hot cheese sandwiches, yaki onigiri (which she tried, but didn’t like), carrot ribbons and carrot sticks (carrots are one of her 3 favorite veggies).
Yaki Onigiri
My lovely yaki onigiri – stars, cows, and pigs!


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