04.19 Bento, part one

04.19 RM Bento
Leftovers cleverly disguised as lo mein. Or something resembling lo mein. Basically, while I was cooking dinner, I took little pieces of stuff and dumped them in a storage container for cooking this morning – a little carrot, cut into disks (although I should have just used more matchsticks); shrimp, cut up a little; bean sprouts ( the main reason I did this, I don’t cook with them a lot and they come in such BIG bags); and noodles. This morning, all I did was heat some oil in a skillet, add a little garlic powder, then dump the stuff out, stirfried for a little while until everything was heated through, added some soysauce and dumped into RM’s bento box. I sprinkled a few drops of sesame oil on top, and done. The rest of the bento has some strawberries which really need to be eaten soon, a leftover yaki onigiri, and a green apple pudding jelly.

I am planning on making more spring rolls for my lunch today, and those should be made fresh.


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