04.23 Bentos

Okay hopefully WordPress won’t stop on me this morning, like it did yesterday. 🙂

It is. Well, you don’t get any pics of the bentos from yesterday, then. The food was good, though. The last of the sweet salsa chicken and rice rolled into burritos for RM and me, curry chicken salad with the leftover cranberry chicken (sandwich for RM, with crackers for me), leftover potatoes for RM, carrot flowers over everything, cheese sandwich for DD, carrot sticks for all.

So I did it, finally bit the bullet and bought bento boxes off of ebay. Last night at midnight. ^.^ I have attained cuteness! I love my Lock and Lock, I really do. It is useful, versatile, dishwasher and microwave safe. And plain clear plastic. I crave cuteness. There is something deep in my soul that can’t help erupting little squeals of: “How CUTE!” when I see anything made by Sanrio. And that is the part of me that continues getting up and making bentos every morning. I did not, however, get a Hello Kitty bento set. It’s one of those nice sakura (tan and pink) sets. I was also looking at the “Feel at Ease” Leaf sets (love the blue one!), but I was anxious and I need sauce and dip containers – haven’t been able to find anything locally. Maybe my husband will get the other set for me for Mother’s Day. Doubt it, but I can dream, can’t I?? ^.^ When my box arrives from Japan, I will post pics. Oh, and for my RM’s more masculine soul, he is getting a new box from JBox.


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