Homemade Take Out

04.26 Dinner
First off I would like to pat myself on the back. I made regular long grain white rice – and it was good! Almost fluffy, almost separate, but not burned and not gummy! It tasted like regular rice. I’ve been trying to achieve this for close to 10 years. Brown rice, I can do. Short grain rice I can do. Even Sushi rice, I can do! But regular old white rice has eluded me. No longer!
Mu Shu Chicken Potstickers
I also made some Mu Shu Chicken potstickers, using the chicken mixture from this recipe. They made good potstickers, but my technique needs works. I will have to make a whole bunch more potstickers, and practice practice practice. Have I mentioned I LOVE potsickers? 🙂
Sesame Chicken
The star of the evening, though was the Sesame Chicken. It was not fried which made it a trifle less tasty than the restaurant kind, but it made up that (from my point of view, anyway) in ease and speed. The sauce was yummy and thickened beautifully. I served it with a bunch of steamed broccoli. Ahhh, that is what I call heaven. I wish I had made more so that my rommate wasn’t only one getting leftovers! 🙂


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