An experiment

So, I am planning a new experiment for this month (May). I am going to be trying to spend only $100 on groceries. For the month. Luckily, if I felt like letting us go without proper nutrition (fruits and veggies), I could feed us without too many dinner repats with nothing but I have on hand in my pantry and freezer for at least a month. But since I would like to keep it nutritious and a little varied, I am actually going to go shopping. But I am thinking of different strategies for this.

  1. I am only planning 5 days out of each week. Weekends, we eat with my folks a lot, and we can clean out leftovers each week, too.
  2. I am strictly following my rules on buying meat: nothing boneless for more than $2/lb and nothing bone in for less than $1/pound. And if I don’t have at least 2 favorite recipe I can think of off the top of my head for a particular cut, I ain’t buying it. – Couldn’t think of a reason to stock up on split chicken breasts at 99 cents a pound, not when I have a freezer full of chicken! 🙂
  3. I am going to try to do at least one meatless dinner each week.
  4. Rice, noodles, biscuits, potatoes, or some other cheap but filling starch at every meal. More filling from cheap starch, less meat needed.
  5. I have a whole turkey and a whole ham and a slab of corned beef in my freezers. Lovely, but it’s not doing me any good frozen whole. ^.^ I am going to get them out and cook them up, and then freeze lots of portions out from them. I should be able to get 3 dinners from the corned beef, at least 5 from the ham, and probably 7 from the turkey (about a 9 pound bird, that I am going to try to shove in my crockpot to cook!).
  6. And one soup night each week.

That’s my strategies so far. I will prolly come up with more. I started with my last shopping trip, on Sunday. I spent $40 on food (not counting animal food or non-food items). So $60 for the next 3 trips. We’ll see if I can do it.


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