$100 – Gone

First, I have to say, my baby is getting expensive to feed. It costs us over $3 per day, just to feed the 11 month old. $90 per month, not counting diapers and wipes. I can’t wait until he gets top molars to match his bottom ones. Then he goes on modified real people food. He already is to a certain extent. I would rather buy 32 oz. of yoghurt for $3 or less than spend $1 for 2 oz of “baby” yoghurt. I would rather buy dry tortellini than pay for Gerber to make tiny ravioli. Same price, but I get about 30 baby servings out of the tortellini bag. I refuse to pay for baby applesauce. Look, I know that having pre-pureed baby food is a luxury, and I am paying for it. But I am trying to only pay for the stuff I can’t buy in adult versions that are the same or stuff that I don’t want to do (pureeing meat comes to mind, although I think I am just going to start pureeing a small amount of whatever we are eating for him).
I miss the time just a few months ago when it costs us nothing to feed him, and feed him very well indeed.
Also, I have bought food for the week, and my $100 is gone. Even removing stuff I hadn’t been counting. Wow. I need to do this again, and stick harder to the budget. Maybe in a couple of months – after the Zaar World Tour is over. I really want to do that, but that means I will need to buy things I normally don’t, odd spices, and whatnot. I prolly couldn’t do that on a $100/month budget.
I’m not planning on making this the end opf my experiment. I’m still going to try to keep my expenses down. Let’s see how far over I go.


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