PAC Wrap Up

I only have one recipe left for my four adoptees, and I am doing that one tonight. I actually already tried to make it once, but something went wrong, so tonight I am going to try it again. Give the recipe a fair chance. But last week I was doing a lot of PAC recipes, which is why you don’t see many posts from last week showing dinner. There are pics, but I decided to take them with the real camera instead of my phone . . .sooo, I have to figure out which of the dozen cords on my technodweeb husband’s desk is the one for the camera, and then unload the pictures onto my camera and edit them and post them. Yeah, see, it’s that first part that is hanging me up.
So, anyway, without pics on most of it, here are the dinners from last week that I haven’t posted:
05.02 Wannabe Goulash – PAC recipe – and Biscuits
This was some seriously good comfort food. Kind of like Hamburger Helper without the box and a billion times better, but just as easy. And this Biscuit recipe is currently my favorite biscuit recipe. Even without buttermilk, these biscuits puffed up so nice and light and airy – I think it’s because I didn’t knead them at all. I even made a batch of whole wheat ones (with my last 3/4 c. of white flour in the house), and they were yummy, too – no modifications to method or amounts. I will have to take this recipe on a test drive for fake kolaches. And I need to post that recipe on the ‘Zaar.
05.03 Chicken Stir Fry – PAC recipe – and Steamed White Rice
The stir fry was good, very good flavor. I do actually have one pic of this one:
Chicken Stir Fry
Yup, that would be my largest skillet, 2″ deep and 14″ across, completely FILLED with veggies. There was no room to “stir fry”. I just had to kind of turn everything over in place with my tongs to try to keep it all moving. I will make this recipe again, just prolly for myself or for bentos, on a much smaller scale, so I can actually stirfry.
The rice. Okay, so I have been on a 10 year journey to make good plain long grain white rice. The stuff so common in American cuisine. I have made it too dry (crunchy dry), too wet (gummy), and for the longest time I figured the only way I could make decent rice was to plan on the bottom part to be burnt and just scrape the good rice off the top. I can make brown rice – chewy, separate, delicious! I can make short grain white rice, even sushi style! But fluffy separate, unburned white rice eluded me. I watched Alton Brown make it, and nodded when he said that every package of rice LIES about how to cook it. I got a new pot (a fantastic saucier), and one reason I love it is because it has a well seated heavy lid for making rice. But until I found this recipe (and I’ve done it twice, so I know it isn’t a fluke) I still could not make good white rice. Now I can. Oh, thank you!!!
05.04 Potato Stew– PAC recipe – and Figs and Pigs
Mmmmmm, this was really really yummy. Depression Polish cooking. I am not sure where the flavor came from exactly, but there was a really wonderful flavor running through the stew that I loved. DH and RM were lukewarm about it, but I loved the flavor (especially as leftovers!), and I lvoed the ease and frugality of it just as much. Great recipe. I looked for a Polish something to go with it (didn’t really need more veggies, but I felt like I needed something, and when I stumbled on the Figs and Pigs recipe, I knew I had found my something. First off, how can you not want to try a recipe called “Figs and Pigs”? And the recipe is incredibly easy (although I cooked the bacon a little too much in the skillet, so they were a little too crunchy out of the oven), and it used the bacon that I would be frying for drippings for the Potato Stew. Win-win-win! 🙂 And they tasted good, too. A little sweet to balance the hearty stew – and it is a thick chunky hearty stew! Here’s a pic of the Figs and Pigs:
Figs and Pigs
05.05 Cinco de Mayo Fiesta!
Margarita Jello Shots
Mom brought a 7 layer dip and chips
Stuffed Jalapenos – PAC recipe
Morphed Enchiladas
Chicken Enchiladas
Rice Casserole
Too much to do for one day. Even with a ton of help throughout the day, because I also made almost a gallon of Chicken Stock (Alton Brown’s recipe), and fried up 4 pounds of hamburger with onions and garlic to freeze. I won’t be using that recipe for beans again. At least not if I want refried beans. It makes a decent bean soup, though. Grrrr. We ended up having to add potato flakes to thicken it up. So now we have potatoey flavored beans. Gross. Well, hopefully I can do something to them to make them work in burritos, because I have about a quart of “refried” beans to make into burritos. Maybe I need to just sit down and fry them . . . . I don’t know.


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