PAC Pics :)

Here you go, the pics that go along with the PAC Wrap Up post, with links to the recipes:
Chicken Stir Fry
Chicken Stir Fryserved with Steamed White Rice
Pam’s Rice Balls 05.08 Dinner Best Grape Salad
Pam’s Rice Meatballs served with linguine, a green salad, and Best Grape Saladfor dinner last night
Potato Stew
Potato Stew served with Figs and Pigs
Stuffed Jalapenos Dad’s Favorite Enchiladas Green Chile Rice Bake
Stuffed Jalapenos served at Cinco de Mayo Fiesta with Dad’s Favorite Enchiladas, Morphed Enchiladas (which look the same as the Chicken ones), and Green Chile Rice Bake – can’t belive DD didn’t like this one, all that cheese!
Wannabe Goulash Hag Biscuits
Wannabe Goulash served with Hag Biscuits (okay they’re not called that, but they are in my head – if you call yourself “Hag Chef”, you should be prepared for this! 🙂 Great biscuits, though)
What a fun time! I had some REALLY good recipes, some that I really hated (but not because it was a bad recipe, since my parents LOVED it), and a lot of great recipes that I never would have tried if it weren’t for this game. I’m not sure if my adoptees enjoyed having me as their mom, though. The boys grade food HARD. 🙂 The Grape Salad would probably be a 5 star if I made it in a wider bowl so the brown sugar was a little spread out. No, it wasn’t a PAC recipe, but we ate it last night.


2 thoughts on “PAC Pics :)”

  1. The Tahini Salad dressing. You know. The one you took home a full bottle of? You didn’t see me dancing a jig after you left because that stuff was out of my house and I didn’t have to throw it away. 🙂

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