Lime Balm Schnapps

I have a HUGE crop of Lime Balm. For those of who don’t know what I am talking about, there is a type of Lemon Balm which doesn’t smell like lemons, but like limes. OMG does it smell like limes. I was harvesting some this morning, and I felt like someone had shoved my head into a Key Lime Pie! YUM! The reason I was harvesting was because I finally found a recipe I wanted to try with my Lime Balm. It started off as a recipe for Lemon Balm Schnapps, but now it is mine. I have enough started for 2 wine bottles hiding in the dark of my brewing cabinet. If this turns out tasty (we’ll know in a few days), then I might make up several bottles of this to age for gift giving . . .
HarvestLime Balm Schnapps
Lime Balm Schnapps

  • 25-30 lime balm leaves
  • 2 cups clear, unflavored vodka

Make sure leaves are clean and dry. Place leaves in a large jar and pour vodka over them. Let this steep in a cool dark place for 48 hours, shaking and tasting occaisionally. After 48 days, strain and pour into a clean jar or bottle.

If you want to make enough to fill a standard 750 mL wine bottle, you will need to double this recipe. You can recycle a wine bottle you have emptied, and find a cork or other sealing device. Like this or this or this.


One thought on “Lime Balm Schnapps”

  1. Sooooo… How did it go!? I have heaps of lime balm and would like to try this idea if it worked!!

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