More Prep for the World Tour

Chicken AdoboChicken LumpiaRed SauceSweet and Sour Sauce
Monday night, I prepped a few Filpino recipes. Chicken adobo (soooooo easy and so yummy, I’m going to do this one again), Chicken Lumpia (okay I had some problems with this, but they tasted really yummy), and a sweet and sour sauce and a red sauce for dipping the lumpia in. Yup, lumpia are like egg rolls, but they are much thinner and longer, and have more meat in them. These were supposed to be chicken, but I didn’t have a cooked chicken on hand, so I made them with shrimp and cooked turkey. YUM! Also, lumpia can be frozen and reheated once you have fried them, or even before you fry them.
Kima Curry
Tuesday, I prepped an African curry recipe I found. This was nowhere near as spicy as the Indian curries I am used to eating with my parents. DH and RM thought it was bland. I really liked the chapati recipe, though. As long as RM doesn’t try to wipe out the pan with water again in the middle of frying them! You have to use a completely DRY pan, otherwise you burn them.
05.23 RM Bento
International leftovers for RM’s bento on Wednesday. The two leftover lumpia, leftover curry, and a quesadilla made with the homemade tortillas I made Tuesday. For dinner Wednesday, I made a big old sandwich (like my Blackout Sandwich) with ham and turkey and cheddar and napa cabbage and mustard and olives and onions and tomatoes and all kinds of yummy stuff. No pics, though, got eaten too fast.
05.24 DinnerPeas and RiceFried Plantains
Then last night, I prepped a meal straight from Jamaica: Peas and Rice and fried plantains. I added some tomatoes, too. Peas and Rice is apparently the national dish of Jamaica, and I gotta tell you, it smells so heavenly while it is cooking, but eating it was kind of a letdown after the smell. I wonder how I can get it to taste like it smells . . .

The World Tour started yesterday officially, so for the next 2 weeks I will be “visiting” the British Isles and Ireland, as well as Australia and New Zealand. And I will be buying about 10 pounds of potatos to eat next week . . .


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