A week of Salads

So, after a week of heavy British food (with a light Aussie recipe or two), I felt that the family needs a detox from meat and potatoes. Or at least from nothing BUT meat and potatoes. Dinners where fresh veggies are the focus, and meat is an add-on. Thus begins the week of salads. All from the World Tour cookbook, of course. This week we are visiting the various US regions at our house, starting with the American West (which encompasses more than half the country, from the Rockies west, not including AZ and NM but including AK and HI!). There was a lot to pick from when it came to salads in this region, mostly California cuisine. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love avocados, but I DON’T like alfalfa sprouts, and there seems to be some weird link between the two in California cuisine. You can’t have one without the other. Oh, and turkey. Gotta have turkey. ūüė¶
Lettuce, Walnut, and Raspberry Salad
So I went a little less plastic California, a little more . . . Napa? I guess. Anyway it sounded good and nary a sprout was seen. This salad has some of my favorite ingredients for a salad in it: raisins and Bibb (Butter) lettuce. I ended up using a bagged salad mix of different colors of Bibb, because it was actually half the price of a head of Bibb lettuce. Bizarre, but true. It tasted very good, and you needed to make sure you had plenty of raisins, because the sweetness of them counteracted the tartness of the fresh berries. Unfortunately, this was a side salad recipe. I filled the plate for the picture, and then realized a) I would need to add more lettuce – luckily we have plenty and b) I might have to do some more coooking – which was okay, because this took no time. I ended up making Shrimp in Garlic Butter – annoying only because the shrimp was frozen and needed to be peeled and deveined. So, a nice little dinner all in all.


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