07.19 Bento

07.19 Roommate's Bento
Yeah, a real bento this morning! I actually got up early, put the rice on to cook and then got my coffee ready. So, for lunch my roommate will be having a Chicken Teriyaki Fried Rice (I made some chicken teriyaki, took the chicken out and chopped it, put it back in the same pan without cleaning out the extra teriyaki sauce – homemade, of course – with some peas, broccoli, green pepper, and green onion – all from my freezer stash – and then stir fried in some rice, and done. Also in there is some mini chicken satay patties (from the freezer stash) with a small container of dipping sauce, some pineapple chunks, and some cucumber slices and cups with ranch dressing. Pretty good for being out of the habit for a while. 🙂

I have some of the chicken teriyaki, too (it’s a new teriyaki recipe and I want to give it a try), some pineapple, some cucumber, and the rest of the rice shaped into onigiri, which I am planning on grilling right before lunch time for onigiri yaki. ^.^ Yum!!

Chicken Teriyaki (from Bento Boxes by Naomi Kijima)
one serving, less than 10 minutes

  • about 1/4# chicken (a couple of tenders, half a breast, one thigh)
  • cooking oil
  • 2 t. soy sauce
  • 1 t. mirin
  • 1 t. sake
  • 1/2 t. sugar
  • 3 T. water

Cook chicken in oil over medium high heat until browned all over. While it is cooking mix soy sauce, mirin, sake, sugar, and water together in a small bowl. When chicken is brown, add sauce to pan, and finish cooking chicken in it, turning the chicken frequently to let a glaze form evenly on the chicken pieces.

I have to say that I really like the lightness of Japanese style teriyaki. The stuff they sell in a bottle kinda makes me nauseated just looking at it – like an ooze that is so thick, you can’t taste anything. There is a commercial going right now for some fast food teriyaki, and to be honest, looking at it, you wouldn’t be able to tell what kind of meat is under all that goop. Yuck! There are some things I love a thick sauce for – General Tso’s Chicken, for instance – but teriyaki isn’t one of them. Not now, anyway. ^.^


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