Japanese lunch

Niku Dango
I made a double batch of these up and skewered half of them, yakitori style. They were different flavored, but good after that first bite (where I said to myself, WTF?!? and reminded myself there was nothing in there I don’t like . . .). They tasted good, but I’m not sure they were worth the trouble it took to make them, you know? I was so mentally whupped by the time I finished chopping, slicing, mixing, rolling, frying, glazing, and skewering that I couldn’t even think about a veggie. Luckily rice is filling. And cute when it is mashed into capsule shapes for easier chopstickability. DD loved these and called them “rice-mallows”. 🙂

Total cost per serving: $0.50

Into the freezer went:
5 servings Niku Dango hopefully they will reheat well after being flash frozen


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