Rice Bowls Again

These were so much better the second time around! I took them out of the freezer and let them thaw for 24-36 hours, which in my fridge doesn’t actually “thaw” them, just gets it mostly thawed, even frozen into separate single serving bowls. Then I microwaved them with the lid just cracked, but still on, to steam everything inside, for 1:30, 2 minutes. There were still little frozen rice globs, but a quick stir and ltting it sit for a few minutes, while frying the bananas and adding a spoonful of salsa, some shredded lettuce, and a spoonful of sour cream, and all the frozen bits were gone, and it was too hot to share with Boogie Boy. 🙂 (Never fear, dear reader, he got applesauce mixed with plain yoghurt, one of his favorites.) The chicken was much less . . . crunchy this time, and the steaming made all the flavors blend and taste yummy! The rice was perfectly cooked, and I didn’t notice any bad results from freezing at all. Cost per serving $0.94 – more this time because I added more stuff.


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