08.02 Bento

08.03 My Bento
Yeah, I finally made bento for myself! Instead of just throwing lunch together on a plate. With my roommate being home all day, I have kinda gotten out of the habit of making lunches in the morning, and it kind of has been grating on me. I KNOW I have been eating more than I should, since I haven’t been sticking to the portion control imposed by bento boxes. Also, with my husband being out of town for the past 2 weeks (he’s back, yay!), there has always been a serving leftover from dinner, and then I would make big lunches, too, so there have been three or four different kinds of leftovers in the fridge some days. Too much browsing and grazing going on.

So anyway, my bento box from yesterday had some fresh baked pigs in a blanket (that’s what the recipe called them, anyway, I’d call them kolaches, personally), carrot sticks, really yummy grapes, and some Annie’s chocolate bunnies that were on clearance (them things are GOOD!).

Sausage Kolache things
The pigs in a blanket recipe originally called for hot dogs and american cheese (you know, the stuff that tastes like it’s made out of plastic), but I switched out some beef sausages that I got (marked down 50%!) in hot and regular and some sliced cheddar. Really good, and just as good warmed up after being in the fridge overnight. The only thing is, that I forget I need to space them out a LOT, otherwise they take forever to bake because the heat can’t get in-between them as easily, and you end up with burned tops and raw sides. I think I might start with this recipe, and play with the proportions a little to come up with “my” kolache dough recipe. It’s very close, it needs a little more sugar, maybe an egg wash, something. . .


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