Beef Fried Rice

Beef Fried RiceBok Choy Salad
Good dinner last night. I decided to make some rice I knew wouldn’t stay crunchy! 😛 I whipped up some “Fridge Cleanout” Fried Rice using thawed leftover pot roast, the enoki mushrooms I decided to splurge on at the Asian market, green onions, frozen pepper slices (in green, orange, and yellow), and peas. This was a really good combination. I will have to get more enoki the next time I go to Wel-Farm (the closest Asian market), and try some of the recipes in my Bento cookbook that use it. Cost per serving $0.61

And to use the bok choy I bought, I found this recipe. I found it appealing because I had everything on hand and it was a cold dish. I tend to like having hot and cold dishes, especially for the kids. They can eat the cold one while the hot cools off enough to eat. I thought it tasted pretty good. I didn’t have any carrots to use in it (used them all up in the veggie roast), but I bet it would be even better with them. The apples gave it a nice sweet crunch, and the different textures of the bok choy (like celery near the stem, like spinach in the leaves) tasted good and confused my husband who kept asking what was in it. “Bok Choy and apples.” “And what’s this?” “Bok choy.” “And this?” “Bok choy.” “What about this?” “Still Bok choy, dear.” ^.^ Cost per serving: $0.16

Total Cost per serving: $0.77 (Now THAT’S my kind of dinner, filling, good, and cheap! even with exotic ingredients)


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