Dip Night

Sorry no pic this morning, not a good day yesterday. I told my DH that if I had anything more involved planned we would have been scrimping for pizza money because I just wasn’t in the mood for cooking. Luckily, this was easy and sufficiently uninvolved.

Earlier in the day (after lunch), I had made some dip. After cruising through a bunch of recipes on ‘Zaar, I realized that a sour cream dip, for the most part, is 1 c. sour cream, maybe 1 c. cream cheese or mayo or some other thickener (especially if you are using light sourcream), and then a couple of tablespoons of your favorite dried herbs, and then let it sit for at least 2 hours. So, that’s what I did, planning on having a nice afternoon snack ready for the 3 o’clock whine from my DD and my tummy. 1 C. sour cream, 1/3 c. cream cheese, 1/3 c. mayo (all light versions) plus a random assortment of herbs that I couldn’t even begin to try and remember. It was good, though. DD had some with chips as a snack, and then it was veggie dip at dinner with carrots and celery. Yummy and an easy side dish to make while the baby is screaming. 🙂 Cost per serving: $0.28

And the French Dip Sandwiches for dinner, the easy way. I had a bag of shredded beef in the freezer, which I thawed. Then I whipped up an au jus from a packet and when it was boiling, dumped the meat in to simmer (on low) until heated through. Meanwhile, I split the rolls (yup, went ahead and bought them this week), sprayed with cooking spray for a light even coverage and the broiled them. Spoon (or grab with tongs like we do) some meat into each sandwich and serve with a bowl of the au jus. Cost per serving: $1

Two notes: The sandwiches would have been much cheaper. I estimated that I spent $0.50 on the au jus packet. I had it in my pantry, wanted to use it up, was in a bad mood. A better au jus mix could easily be made from onion soup mix (homemade, of course) and some extra beef bouillon. When you mix it up, just add extra water to really thin it out.

And yes, I have a toaster. I have a wonderful toaster oven. It takes up a huge amount of counter space and would only do one hoagie roll at a time. I would rather spend 2 minutes watching bread under a broiler than spend 10 doing each roll individually. 🙂


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