08.22 Bentos

08.22 DD's Bento
Yummmmmmmy lunch yesterday. This is the reason I go through the trouble of breading and frying tonkatsu. Katsu-don is better than ice cream in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong. Tonkatsu sauce is heavenly and worth the trouble all by itself, but this is why I do it. This is DD’s bento (Boogie Boy’s and mine was a little more messy). Katsu-don with a clementine and leftover edamame as filler. Boogie Boy and I had kiwi with ours.
katsu-don cost per serving: $0.68
clementine: $0.17
kiwi: $0.25
edamame: $0.05
Boogie and me total: $0.98
DD total: $0.90


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