Teddy Bear Picnic

Teddy Bear Picnic - DDTedy Bear Picnic - BBTeddy Bear Picnic - Mine
Well, Thursday is our normal picnic day, so I packed bentos with a “picnic” theme, specifically Teddy Bears’ Picnic. But alas, our neighbor that we go picnicing with went AWOL yesterday. Oh, well. Cuteness was still to be had, albeit at home. (By the time I tried to call and find out what was up, it was an hour past our normal lunchtime, and we were all STARVING, which is why we didn’t go by ourselves).

For lunch:
Tortilla wraps with a wedge of Laughing Cow French Onion, sliced turkey, leftover shredded lettuce, and leftover guacamole; Chicken Onigiri made with a smidge of leftover taco chicken from the night before that wasn’t set aside for pizza; broccoli blanched in the microwave; clementines, and teddy bears cut from dill havarti cheese (my favorite!).

I also made a cabbage and orange salad from my favorite cookbook, Bento Boxes by Naomi Kijima. This is honestly the first recipe I have tried from the book that I have hated. I mean seriously, yuck. Even my roommate, who will try anything, generally finish off anything (even if he doesn’t like it), tasted this and threw it down the disposal. Still my favorite cookbook, because the proportion of loves to hates to really good for a cookbook.

Boogie Boy loves onigiri, especially chicken onigiri!


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