What do you do?

What do you do when you are totally freaking out because your baby is starting kindergarten and you miss her and want her to behave and miss her and are worried about her and MISS HER!?!? Well, I baked. And sewed. And made my roommate think I was on some kind of drug for the most part (he mumbled something about too much coffee, but since it was 2 o’clock, I don’t put much stock in that theory . . .).

So I mixed a full batch of Cheese Puffs, not the healthiest of snacks, but I know DD will love having a few of these “cheese cookies” popped into her lunchbox every now and then. I only baked up a dozen, and froze the rest. Boogie Boy loved them.

And I made another half batch of Runza (runzas?, runzae? what is the freaking plural?), using my leftover filling from Sunday night. one was RM’s lunch, one was an afterschool snack, and the other four made it into the freezer.

And there was no point in only making one loaf of bread dough, so I baked a loaf of bread. I have been using this recipe lately, only subbing in some whole wheat flour and bread flour. It’s a good recipe, easy to modify, makes a good loaf for sandwiches. Or eating with just a smidge of butter on, which is how most of this loaf disappeared yesterday . . .

I think I may need to bake more bread today . . . . Well see how the sewing goes. 🙂


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