Ho hum dinner

Yeah, just ho hum. I think I was so mentally gone from taking care of DD all day, that by the time dinner came along, I was glad I had stuck something in the crockpot. The ginger beef TASTED good, really yummy in fact, but I couldn’t get over the dry pot roast texture of the beef. I looked in the bottom of the crockpot after I scooped out the cabbage and onions and saw fully a cup to 2 cups of liquid in there. Mmmhmm, that’s why the beef was so dry. I think if I try this again, (and if London Broil goes on major sale again, I might) I will not put it in the crockpot, I will roast it with a probe thermometer in it and saute the cabbage and onions. And I will use the marinade as a glaze. After thawing it out with the beef.
Cost per serving: $0.65

Since I was s brain-dead feeling, I just made up some rice to go with it. Thankfully everyone pretty much got filled up with this. Thank goodness for small favors.

Total cost per serving: $0.72


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