Niku Jaga

Niku Jaga
So, I have no idea what Niku Jaga is “supposed” to taste like (as in, how it would taste if a housewife in Japan who learned how to make it from her mothermade it instead of a suburbanite in America who is using a recipe off the internet), but if it tastes anything like the stew/soup/brothy goodness that this recipe produced yesterday, sign me up! 🙂 I was hoping that the flavor would be different enough from what I would normally do for pot roast, because the except for the very Japanese ingredients of sake and soy sauce, the only major difference between this recipe and my pot roast recipe is that it uses stew chunks instead of a roast (which is just a difference in prep, really). It tasted very similar to my pot roast (which isn’t a bad thing), but I could definitely taste the sake and soy additions (in a good way). The boys couldn’t, though, which just goes to prove that I have a more refined palette. 🙂 It was so brothy that I made up some rice to help sop up the broth (and because I couldn’t imagine a Japanese meal without rice).

The really nice thing was that me, DH, and DD were all pretty satisfied with one small bowl of stew and one bowl of rice (okay, DH had extra rice) – this stuff is FILLING! I used 3.5 pounds of beef, and appropriately larger amounts of veggies, and I could probably feed way more than 9 people with this. Our family of five didn’t eat half of it. So if you need an almost no-work dinner for a large crowd on a tiny budget, give this a try! It’s different enough without being so weird the picky pickies won’t eat it.
Cost per serving: $0.96, plus a dime for rice.
Some of this may end up in the freezer . . .


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