Iron Bento!

So this week’s challenge over at Iron Bento is “Egg” – wow, too versatile.
10.02 My Bento, uncovered10.02 My Bento, covered
My bento from a couple of days ago, before and after I covered the chicken stir fry with an egg crepe (scramble one egg, pour into a nonstick pan, wait for it to cook, peel off the bottom). Not as pretty as I had hoped and not as tasty as it looked. I will try this again another time.

10.03 Picnic Bentos
Picnic bentos for Boogie Boy and me from yesterday. I made up a bunch of hard boiled eggs, shoved two into molds for Friday, and deviled one with dill. YUM! 🙂 also turkey roll-ups, onigiri yaki, oranges and tomato for me and raisins for Boogie.


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