10.04 and 10.05 Bentos

10.04 My Bento
My bento from yesterday with some yummy mini chicken satay patties (from the freezer), very spicy satay sauce, couscous made with carrots and raisins and some of that Za’atar spice mix I made for ZWTIII, and a salad with pesto ranch dressing (take icky ranch that you don’t like the taste of and season with a good sized dallop of pesto and stir – voila! good tasting ranch!).

10.05 DD's Bento
DD’s bento for today full of stars. 🙂 Star shaped onigiri yaki, star shaped egg, carrot sticks with ranch, celery with peanut butter, and the rest of a chocolate chunk cookie from last night. Plus pizza goldfish crackers for snack. She seemed excited about it this morning, so hopefully, most of it won’t come home with her.

Next week, she gets her new Hello Kitty lunch boxes . . . 🙂


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