Many, many bentos . . .

10.08 DD's Bento
10.08 Leftover takeout Chinese

10.12 DD's Bento
10.12 Homemade Mac and cheese with apple slices

10.15 DD's Bento
10.15 Cheese “cookies”, grapes, PB&J, carrot sticks

10.16 DD's Bento
10.16 Leftover lasagna (with spinach which she knew about and still devoured – YAY!), carrot sticks and ranch

10.16 My Bento
10.16 My bento with green chile cheese squares, fried potatoes, and salad (to counteract the potatoes, of course)

10.19 DD's Bento
10.19 Leftover brisket with ketchup, raisins, leftover coleslaw, and cheese flowers


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