More Zaar issues

I decided to take a look at the other Scripps’ websites to see whether the Recipezaar change was something different for them, or if it fit in with their esthetic. And decided that it totally fits in with their esthetic. IMO, all of their sites are very crowded and don’t really follow good design theory. Such as make the most important thing the focus of your design. It is supremely difficult to discover what the web designers that created Scripps’ various sites thought was important. Other than ad revenue, of course.

This unfortunately seems to be a trend in web design currently – let’s add more columns, more animations (that have no purpose), let’s have a variety of font sizes within the same paragraph . . . ad nauseum.

What is probably the single most successful/used/known website on the web today? Google, with a clean uncluttered design that focuses on exactly what you came for. Granted some Zaarites probably have issues with the great expanse of white, given some of the comments, but I think you understand what I going for here. 🙂

I’m not really going to say that change is bad. Change takes some time to get used to. And change just for the sake of change is even pretty good sometimes, too. But change to completely suck out all usefullness from a site? Just for more ad dollars, which you probably won’t get if all the members leave because your redesign showed that their contributions were unnecessary, unwanted, and unappreciated? That’s not so good.


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