Sunday’s Work

Sunday’s WorkOriginally uploaded by craftscout

Here are the goodies from Sunday. Saturday was basically hitting the warehouse store to get all the food. Oh, and I actually started the chicken stock on Saturday. Today I portioned it into 2c. and 4 c. containers, and froze it. I think I ended up with one 4c. and six 2c. containers. and where did those handy dandy containers come from, you might ask? Why, they are Chinese take out soup containers – free and fine in the freezer.I also chopped a bazillion onions today. Okay, okay, it was actually 10 pounds, but geez . . . I have to say this is not something I would have contemplated if I didn’t have a food processor. I recommend doing them one at a time and cutting each onion into eighths before pulsing them in the processor. This makes sure you have “chopped onions” and not “onion juice”. 🙂 I put one onion’s worth of chopped goodness in each of the containers you see (one for each recipe I need onions for this week) and the other two onions went into the freezer bag, labeled and then into the freezer. If you smush them flat (ish) then you can break off whatever you need after it is frozen.I also made up a double batch of Taco Seasoning (not pictured, darn it, I made a cute label!) because I am making a lot of taco-y flavored ground beef this week.And finally, I made the Black Bean and Corn Salad for tomorrow’s dinner. It need to chill overnight, and it’s one less thing to do while cooking 8 pounds of taco flavored ground beef. :)Next week is going to be even more yummy . . . Cream cheese and chicken OAMC! 🙂 I’m going to be making a double batch of these!


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