Monday’s Work

Monday’s WorkOriginally uploaded by craftscout

Let’s see, an hour and a half, 14 pounds of ground beef, and about 15 dinners cooked (or at least well started). Long evening! :PFirst off, last night’s dinner (sorry no pic, too tired, but you know what tacos and red rice look like, right?). Tacos, red rice, and the black bean and corn salad. The tacos were simple Taco Bell type, just seasoned meat, cheese, and lettuce in a tortilla, and because the price of ground beef is skyrocketing, these cost $1.08 per serving (2 tacos each). My favorite Red Rice recipe came out to 23 cents per serving this time around, and the Black Bean and Corn Salad I started Sunday night was 21 cents per serving. Actually, less, since it made about 6 good sized servings, not 4. Oh, and I highly recommend it, really yummy!So dinner for the night cost $1.52 per serving. No bad, but not great.However, the great part is what went into the freezer:4 bags cooked taco meat (4 servings each)27 Carribean Jerk Seasoned Hamburgers (raw)12 Cajun Seasoned Mini-burgers (raw)And not in the freezer yet, but close:Beef and Potato Burrito filling – waiting on the potatoesMexican Stuffed Shells filling – waiting for pasta to be cookedAnd see, I told you I made a cute label for the Taco Seasoning! 🙂 I forgot to mention that on Sunday, DH and I also started a batch of Afterburners.


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