Note to Self:

And anyone else who might be thinking of doing this :).  Repeat after me:

“Aluminum Foil is NOT non-stick.  Aluminum Foil is NOT non-stick.  Aluminum Foil is NOT non-stick.”

And the story: So I pressed out a gazillion burgers yesterday (12 minis – 1 pound ground beef, and 27 regular – 5 pounds of ground beef), and thought, “Hey, I need to flash freeze these so I can pull out however many I need when I need them.  Smart thinking, Scout!”  Yeah, well, that part was smart, and the minis were fine.  I pulleed out my cookie sheets, and layed down a layer of aluminum foil, patted out the minis and layed them on the foil on the first sheet, covered them in another layer of foil, and stuck them in my freezer.  This morning, when I pulled them out to stick them in a labeled freezer bag, no problem.  They all pulled off the foil easy as pie.

The regulars are another story.  They ended up being 2 layers, and now the 2 layers are fused together with a thin layer of foil in between.  GAAAAAHHHHHH!  Now I get to wait until they defrost enough to pry apart, but not so much that the flash freezing is completely undone.

Add to the fact that I caught whatever it is my DD brought home (yup, washing my hands constantly), and today is not looking good.  I am very glad that the only things I have planned for today as far as getting food in the freezer is making dinner.

So class, what have we learned?  When flash freezing hamburger patties, use WAXED PAPER or PARCHMENT PAPER between layers of burgers.


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