Wednesday’s Work

Wednesday’s WorkOriginally uploaded by craftscout

Potato Day!I am so glad I was feeling better yesterday, because this was a lot of work. First thing I did was put the ingredients for a batch of Beehive Buns into the bread machine on the dough cycle, because that takes 1.5 hours. Then I got my biggest pot and filled it with 6 pounds of little red potatoes and covered them with water by an inch (no more, or there would be no boiling room! That was an awful lot of potatoes). I picked out the teeniest cutest ones for lunches and bentos. I like using little reds, because I don’t have to peel them and I love the waxy texture.Then I started getting everything ready for assembling: prepping bowls to receive potatoes for mashing, starting to layer the lasagna, etc. I also made the dump bags for the Asian Pork Tenderloin.Once the potatoes were done, I drained them into a colander, picked out a pound and a half for the burritos and rough chopped. I stirred that into the mixture I had in the fridge, and start rolling. Then I mashed up the potatoes for the lasagna (I know a potato lasagna sounds weird – I have a potato loving husband, so I tried it, and it is amazingly good!). Finally, I mixed up the Gourmet Potatoes and put half in a casserole for Wednesday night’s dinner and the other half in a bag for the freezer.Right about this time the buzzer for the bread machine went off. Perfect timing. :)So into the freezer went:1 Asian Pork Tenderloin $1.21/serving10 Beef and Potato Burritos $1.00/serving1 pan Perogy Lasagna $0.56/serving1 bag Vicki’s Gourmet Potatoes $0.50/serving1 Rolled Flank Steak $1.60/serving6 Beehive Buns come on, it’s homemade bread! pennies . . .04.02 DinnerFor dinner we had the Gourmet Potatoes and a Rolled Flank Steak (I made two and froze one). Really fancy looking, pretty expensive (over $2 per serving), but unfortunately quite bland tasting. I asked everyone else because I wanted to make sure it wasn’t just that my nose being stopped up was affecting it. Nope. It was just really bland.


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