Organized? What a concept . . .

So, in case you hadn’t picked up on it, I’m trying to start scheduling my posts a little bit. That way I can organize my thoughts a bit and figure out what I am actually doing here. 🙂 It’s taken over 200 posts for me to realize I might need some organization. These things take me a while. So here’s the weekly line up, so far:

  • Mondays – Real Convenience Food, Foods that aren’t as difficult as corporations that want to sell you chemical laden version want you to think they are. I will give recipes, walk you through the intimidating stuff, and give a cost and ingredient comparison.
  • Tuesdays – I think I am going to make Tuesday my designated bento day. I have missed making bentos, and I just don’t think that the kind of stuff I pack for my DD right now qualifies as lunches that people want to see. So Tuesdays will be for fancy lunches in cute boxes. 🙂
  • Wednesdays – Freezing 101, the basics of freezer cooking, why I do it, why other people do, resources, and some of my family’s favorite recipes.
  • Thursdays – Frugality Talk, how to squeeze 5 cents out of a penny. 🙂
  • Fridays – Freezer Menus, I’ll explain it on Friday.

So, I will try to keep on schedule, and I will try to post something each day. Or at least load up the queue on the weekends. 🙂 I have a bunch of bits already loaded, so we should have some content for a while. Please feel free to comment, if anyone actually reads this . . . 🙂

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