04.29 Bento – Beef Rolls and Mashed Potato Mounds

04.29 Bento

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I was so excited that this recipe worked out! It’s more of a technique, at least the way I did it. The original recipe (from Naomi Kijima) used gobo, string beans, and other veggies I didn’t have on hand, so I just used carrots. I simmered them (already cut) in a little water with soy sauce and mirin, while I pounded some thin slices of beef even thinner. I sprinkled the beef slices with a little flour, then rolled up the carrot pieces in the beef. Place seam side down in a hot skillet, and brown all the way round. Then add some sugar, more soy and mirin, and a little sake to make a glaze. Roll the rolls in this until completed glazed. YUM!

And then I made some couscous stuffed tomatoes (with my favorite couscous fixings, artichoke hearts and kalamata olives). Some premade mashed potato mounds and orange wedges completed this very filling lunch.

I am SO excited that the beef rolls worked! They look so cool . . . And tasted so good . . . šŸ™‚

Check out the recipes (or ones that are close) at my new Bento menu on Recipezaar.


One thought on “04.29 Bento – Beef Rolls and Mashed Potato Mounds”

  1. This whole meal was amazing, and beautiful. Every piece appealed to my taste buds, but I have to say, the beef rolls were number one.

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