Okay, so my freezer is full . . .

Now what? Now you need to eat what you cooked and make sure none of it goes bad. There are several ways I have seen to do it. These are some suggestions and jumping off points for keeping your frozen dinners organized and edible.

First things first, make sure everything is labeled! This is the most important thing, and I can’t stress it enough. Baked ziti looks just like lasagna once it is frozen, but maybe one was the vegetarian version you made for your SIL? If there not labeled, you could be in hot water. 🙂

So now, that everything is labeled, you can do one of a few things to keep yourself from having to toss food that went bad. Listing what you have is one way to go about this, and there are several ways to do this: first is to make a chart for the month which tells you when to pull something from the freezer, and when to eat it. This is especially helpful if you did a full OAMC session. Or you can make a list of the foods you have in the freezer and turn to this first when you are menu planning for the week (this is what I do). Or I have heard of people putting whiteboards on their freezers listing everything that is in there.

Next up, organizing the behemoth! So now you know what is in there, how do know where it is or be able to reach it easily? Organizing the freezer itself.


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