Real Convenience Food: Pizza

So, how much does delivery pizza cost YOU? I’m not talking calories, fat, grease, carbs, sodium, time, nothing like that. I am just talking MONEY. Around here a good 12″ with a decent amount of toppings costs $12. And we can’t get just one, oh NO! We have 4 adults and 2 kids. The adults like things like Buffalo Chicken and Mediterranean (mmm, feta, sundried tomatoes, and kalamatas!). The kids like pepperoni. Period. So we have to get a medium (or large, if DH skipped lunch), plus a small for the kids, plus breadsticks, plus a salad (sometimes, when we are feeling good).

So. In reality, having pizza delivered costs around $30 for our family.

And how convenient is it really? You have to wait for THEM to finish cooking YOUR meal. And then deliver it to you. If you’re lucky. I remember when I was a kid, we just couldn’t order from one pizza joint because it couldn’t find our house . . . EVER. Expect 45 minutes wait time, at least. Not to mention (if your household is anything like mine) the 15-30 minutes of deciding that we are going to order to pizza, and then which pizza place, and then which pizza.

So, over an hour of waiting for dinner.

And if you are lucky, your local pizza joint uses medium quality ingredients. But it certainly doesn’t use YOUR homemade pizza sauce, right? Or offer you ANYTHING you want on your pizza, right?

Pizza dough is not that hard to make. It is hard to find the “perfect” pizza dough for your family’s tastes, but most pizza dough recipes are good ones. And you know what, you can make your own frozen pizzas that “rise when you bake them”. Best of all, you can use a minimum of ingredients (about 1/4 pound or less of meat will cover a 12″ pizza well) of the highest quality you can buy, and still make exactly the pizza YOU want, as gourmet as you want, for less than $5.

So which is more convenient? Really? Here are some pizza dough recipes to try:
Flatbread, which doubles as pizza dough
Boboli Pizza Clone


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