2 Weeks Down . . .

5 to go! 🙂 Somehow I got sucked into being Team Captain (Oh, yeah, I opened my mouth and lost the game of “Not IT!”), so unfortunately not a lot of blogging going on. BUT! There has been cooking, not a lot of it very frugal I must admit, but some of it was darn tasty. Especially week 2, when I concentrated on Asian food. Here’s the highlight reel, compliments of fd’s Flickrtoys:
week 1
Week 1, mostly German/ BeNeLux

week 2
Week 2, mostly Asian

This week I am going with Greek. I just bought 3 pounds of feta cheese. 3 pounds! Geez . . . 🙂 Thankfully I planned to go with that grilling menu I posted a while back. I have been freezing a bunch of those recipes (the mac and cheese, the burger patties, hummus, and the banana push-ups) so that most of the hard work is done for my son’s second birthday this weekend.

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